Greyhound White Elbony - racing legend in Prague

Greyhound White Elbony wins on racing track in prague even in age of six years

Grandmaster Double - White Elbony
Greyhound White Elbony - tecaher in Greyhound Schooling Academy
Zlaty_Chrt_Velmistr_White_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation.jpg  Greyhound White Elbony

Eurepean Breeders Cup 2008

White Elbony - winner of Czech Greyhound Racing federation races on greyhound racing track Praskačka

Greyhound Park Motol in Prague


Happy Birthday White (6 years)!


Arrival of White Elbony to Prague


White Elbony - photo after race


White Elbony - crown prince of Czech greyhound racing federation

Prague, 26.11.2012

White Elbony - offspring of australian racing legend Big Daddy Cool

Australian offspring of Big Daddy Cool is not necessary to present because czech society knows him well. White Elbony (homely named Whiteek) is well known as a champion of Czech greyhound racing federation wit a Golden greyhound, Golden Greyhound Grandmaster, Gransmaster Double.
White - Golden greyhound Grandmaster  - Formule CGRF - Velmistr Double
Racing formula of CGRF generate winner of greyhound races with a title - Golden Greyhound
Golden greyhound White Elbony in prestige australian greyhound journal National Greyhound Form

Greyhound racing champion White Elbony on Greyhound Race Track Prague in Greyhound Park Motol he proved that he has got briliant condition for racing on 6.10.2012. He can defeat his competitors even in age of 6 years and he defeated his much younger cometitors. In the age of 6 years are most of greyhounds after their best results and they race only in class veteran!
White Elbony drew on his condition and his racing experience and he is a teacher of a new generation of racers in Greyhound Schooling Academy - see link: Greyhound White lector in greyhound academy

Influence of parents' genes to athlete's performance

According to a scientific studies of athletes from Australian Institut of Sport (AIS) there is connection between genes of parents and dispozitions of athlete. Sports development and physical capabilities are dependent on genetic equipment of sportsman. Genes influences sport results of a athlete. This genes are responsible for creation of muscle proteins that are responsible for mucle contractions of sportsman muscles And what about Whiteek?
See link:

Glory to gene material of White Elbony

Genes variants have influence to predispozitions for specific kind of sport

Population may contain individuals who have three possible gene combinations, which affects the individual disposition for sport, each variant of predispozitions is specified for special type of sport:


  • The first variant of the gene is responsible for ensuring that the contraction of athletes muscle fibers are slower but hardier - then individuals have a natural tendency to persevere.
  • In the second scenario, the result is associated with a natural propensity for speed sports.
  • In the third variant is a combination of them and that's perfect for speed and endurance sports.

Greyhound White Elbony - homely named Whiteek

Racing greyhound Whiteek is obviously blessed with a rare genetic dispositions (third option).
In addition, he has a great physique which is shame to cover when we are decorating winners.

"It is alsmost shame to cover Whiteek with a racing blanket also know as a racing jacket during decorating of winners."  

Great condition of greyhound White Elbony even if he is 6 years old!

Whiteek trainer keeps him in a great great physical and mental form for great sand racing tracks parameters - see the racecourse:

Czech Greyhound Race Track Praskačka

Greyhound Race Track Prague in Greyhound Park Motol

Owner of greyhound White Elbony takes care of mainly about his health and continously about his good physical condition. In addition to great starts on great tracks he follows the basic rule of the organization belonging to the World Greyhound Racing Federation, ie just one start (distance and sprint classic) of greyhound in 24h.

Pros and cons in Greyhound Racing CZ

A significant influence on White Elbonyho perfect condition (Double grandmaster) has also great food - Whiteek is already fedby RED MILLS  from puppy - see link:

RED MILLS - specielní krmivo pro závodní chrty

Greyhound White Elbony - happy dog

Whiteek belongs to the veteran class when we look at the age but he still reminds puppy to us. Whiteek is well know for his smile.

Master of Whiteek belongs to them who have taken care of all greyhounds since 2004. He have taken care of even about greyhounds of another owners on race track praskačka and he takes care of all greyhounds with similar care on Greyhound Park Motol in nowadays.
His master don't belongs to members of club that cares about only his greyhounds and the rest of the work leave it to the care of someone else.

Link: Greyhound Walfare


Piece of text is based on:
which states offer tests for the human genome

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