Greyhound Oscars - GOLDEN GREYHOUND AWARDS 2013

Diorka_majitel_R._Zelinsky_1024x682.jpg Peter_Nagy_Neumannova_Katka_absolutni_vitezka_DIOR_Rudolf_Zelinsky_1024x682.jpg Jiřina-Jandová-a-Dalibor-Janda-a-Rudolf-Želinský-1024x682.jpg Jiřina-a-Marta--1024x682.jpg
AKTUALITY 2.5. - On April 28, 2014 at Greyhound Park Motol in Prague, Czech Greyhound Racing Federation awarded “Greyhound Oscars" bestgreyhounds for thepastracing season. Greyhound celebrities were awarded from VIP personalities from the art and sport area. more here

Greyhound sand racing track in Prague and Racing circuit Prague

Berg_Toys_Cup_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_Finals_1-u.jpg Berg_Toys_Cup_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_Finals_3-u.jpg Berg_Toys_Cup_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_Finals_2-u-v.jpg Berg_Toys_Cup_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_finals_3.JPG Berg_Toys_Cup_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_IMG_8376.jpg Berg_Toys_Cup_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_finals_4.JPG
REPORTAGE about the Berg Toys Racing Cup in the Greyhound Park Motol in Prague managed by the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation. more here

Liberation day in the Greyhound Park Motol

Winner_Day_Greyhound_Park_Motol_Prague_IMG_7203-U.jpg Winner_Day_Greyhound_Park_Motol_Prague_IMG_7653-U.jpg Winner_Day_Greyhound_Park_Motol_Prague_IMG_7358-u.jpg Winner_Day_Greyhound_Park_Motol_Prague_IMG_7437-U.jpg Winner_Day_Greyhound_Park_Motol_Prague_IMG_7410.JPG
Reportage from the test training of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation (CGRF) on 8th May 2013 in the Greyhound Park Motol in Prague more here

Reportage - 1st May in the Greyhound Park Motol

Electric_Formula_GP_Motol_Race_Circuit_Prague_CGDF.jpg Kolaz_Go_cart_Ferrari_Fxx_Race_Circuit_Prague_CGDF.jpg Greyhound_Racing_Greyhound_Park_Motol_Prague_CGDF.jpg
Members of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation celebrated the holiday (1st May) with the work. That day we have raced on the Greyhound Race Track Prague and on the Race Circuit Prague - there were the training course of the timekeeping. This all happened in the Greyhound Park Motol - multipurpose sport stadium in Prague. more here

Videoclip - Night Greyhound Race

Chrti_dostihova_draha_Praha_stadion_Greyhound_Park_Motol_v_noci_CGDF.jpg Night_Greyhound_Race_Track_Prague_Stadium_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF.jpg Greyhound_Race_Track_Prague_in_Stadium_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_v.jpg Greyhound_Sand_Race_Track_Prague_Stadium_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF.jpg
We miss so much the video record from the first night testing of the sand racetrack in Prague. But during the training course of the audio-video we found this older video from the historic first night race of greyhounds in Prague. You can enjoy it! it is really strong experience! more here

Golden Greyhound Awards 2012 in medias

Zlaty_chrt_Golden_Greyhound_Awards_2012_media_CGDF_064.jpg Zlaty_chrt_Golden_Greyhound_Awards_2012_media_CGDF_066.jpg Zlaty_chrt_Golden_Greyhound_Awards_2012_media_CGDF_IMG_5264.JPG Zlaty_chrt_Golden_Greyhound_Awards_2012_media_CGDF_IMG_5278.JPG Zlaty_chrt_Golden_Greyhound_Awards_2012_media_CGDF_IMG_5222.JPG
Update - 03.05.2013. Greyhound "Oscars" of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation - greyhound event of the year through eyes of the Czech medias more here

Greyhound's Birthday No. 2

Greyhound_Birthday_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_8.jpg Queen_Vuitton_Greyhound_Birthday_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation-r.jpg Happy_Birthday_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_v.jpg
Update: Greyhound siblings - greyhounds: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton celebrated its second birthday more here

Greyhound princesses: Yes! No!

Princess_Jo!_Ne!Greyhound_Chateaux_Prague_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_v.JPG Závodní_chrt_NewMac_DIOR_Ceska_Greyhound_Dostihova_Federace.jpg Smiling_Skull_Greyhound_Chateaux_Prague_CGDF_v.JPG Greyhound_Puppy_Dior_&_Chanel_singer_Heidi_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation.jpg
Dior is finally happy for the red curtains with smiling sculls and crossed bones. She is also happy for colourful graffiti. Dior still has arguments about the pink carpet and about carpet’s pattern because she thinks it is a little bit infantile. But this carpet won't be divided in two! She wants to get a tattoo, in fact tattoos. She has already chosen the place where she wants a tattoo. more here

Fr. Ringo Čech - Golden Dior - Hard Choice

Chrti_obrazy_Fr_Ringo_Cech_Zlata_Dior_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_9259.JPG Chrti_obrazy_Fr_Ringo_Cech_Zlata_Dior_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_9263.JPG Greyhound_Graffiti_Rocker_Dior_Greyhound_Chateaux_Prague.jpg Zlaty_chrt_NewMac_Dior_Ceska_greyhound_dostihova_federace_DSC09471 Chrti_obrazy_Fr_Ringo_Cech_Zlata_Dior_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_9251.JPG Chrti_obrazy_Fr_Ringo_Cech_Zlata_Dior_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_9268.JPG
Well known artist - Fr. Ringo Čech painted another picture about greyhounds that is called "Golden Dior - Hard choice“ - picture is given to the well known racing greyhound called NewMac Dior, which take a title of the Golden greyhound 2011. The picture of the naive art was pixelated because we haven't planned to present it to the public yet but it will be revealed with the ceremony. František Ringo Čech wrote a funny legend about this picture. We can reveal to you: "Golden Dior told after winning ... I reached the greyhound Olympus there is nothing else to do! ..." more here

Champions Club in the Greyhound Park Motol

Champions_club_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_DSC07943.JPG Champions_club_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_DSC07944.JPG Champions_club_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_DSC07945.JPG Champions_club_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_DSC07952.JPG Champions_club_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_DSC07964.JPG
Champions Club in the Greyhound Park Motol in Prague is waiting for the first guests - the best champions, the best of the best, the Golden Greyhound - Grandmasters more here

Sand Greyhound Race Track Prague on 24th November 2012

Greyhound_Racing_Prague_CGDF_NQ1M0048.jpg Greyhound_Racing_Prague_CGDF_NQ1M0048.jpg Greyhound_Race_Track_Prague_NQ1M0165.JPG Greyhound_Racing_Prague_CGDF_NQ1M0080.jpg Greyhound_Racing_Prague_CGDF_NQ1M0129 Greyhound_Racing_Prague_CGDF_NQ1M0008
Reportage from the testing of racing technologies in Greyhound Park Motol on 24th November 2012. The Championship of Formula CGRF starts on the Greyhound race track Prague in the Czech Republic on Saturday and Championship of Formula 1 starts in racing circuit Interlagos in Brazil on Sunday. more here

Race Circuit Prague - Greyhound Park Motol

Race_circuit_Prague_Greyhound_Park_Motol_1.JPG Race_circuit_Prague_Greyhound_Park_Motol_4.JPG Italian_Greyhound_Prague_Greyhound_ParkMotol.jpg Electro_formula_Greyhound_Park_Motol.jpg Electric_go-karts_Formula_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_IMG_2992
Testing of wireless transmission form HD cameras Greyhound Race Track Prague in Greyhound Park Motol more here

Asphalt Race Track Tests Greyhound Park Motol

Photofinish_test_Asphalt_Race_Track_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_3106-V.JPG Elektro-formule_Asphalt_Race_Track_Greyhound_Park_Motol_DSC_4950-V.JPG Bicycle_Asphalt_Race_Track_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_3159.JPG In-line_Race_Track_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_7980.JPG Go-kart_Asphalt_Race_Track_Greyhound_Park_Motol_DSC02382.JPG
Volunteers from the ranks of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation (CGRF) tested racing technologies of the multi-purpose sports stadium in Prague - the Greyhound Park Motol on 13th October 2012. They did it for the future athletes. more here

Elektro-formulas in the Greyhound Park Motol

Electric_go-karts_Formula_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_2878.JPG Electric_go-karts_Formula_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_2965.JPG Electric_go-karts_Formula_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_2859.JPG Electric_go-karts_Formula_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_2880.JPG Electric_go-karts_Formula_Greyhound_Park_Motol_DSC02627.JPG
Preview of testing Asphalt Race Track in Prague on September 29, 2012 and October 6, 2012. Electro-formula and Asphalt Race Track had been tested by volunteers from members of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation in Greyhound Park Motol more here

First night test of the Greyhound Park Motol on 19th Jul 2012

night_test_race_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_8662.jpg night_test_race_Greyhound_Park_Motol_DSC_8020.jpg night_test_race_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_8779-v.JPG night_test_race_Greyhound_Park_Motol_DSC_8059.jpg night_test_race_Greyhound_Park_Motol_IMG_8659.JPG Greyhound_Park_Motol_Prague_lights_CGDF_DSC02287.jpg
What do greyhounds and a rabbit have in common? That's not necessary to explain to anybody involved in greyhound racing sport. We could also see them several times in the Greyhound Park Motol. However the Greyhound Park Motol also offered another, extraodinary, connection of the icons of the greyhound racing sport. Extraordinary testing of the Prague multipurpose sport stadium - Greyhound Park Motol - took place on the 19th of July 2012 from 8:00 PM. more here

Tests of the Audio-Video-TV systems Greyhound Park Motol

Chrti_audio_video_tv_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_IMG_6236.JPG Tv_audio_video_Greyhound_Park_Motol_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_IMG_6369.jpg Heidi_audio_video_tv_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_IMG_6336.JPG Tv_audio_video_Greyhound_Park_Motol_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_IMG_6382.jpg 07_Tv_audio_video_Greyhound_Park_Motol_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_DSC07481.jpg Italsky_chrt_audio_video_tv_Greyhound_Park_Motol_CGDF_DSC07513.jpg
On the 19th of June 2012 complex tests of the audio-visual and racing technologies of the Greyhound Park Motol Three italian greyhounds tested the sand racing oval Greyhound Park Motol si tohoto Grace, Issabela and Turbo more here
Awards_2011_Ceska_greyhound_dostihova_federace_DSC06860.jpg Golden_Greyhound_Awards_winners_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_2120324_249_LQ.jpg Golden_Greyhound_Awards_winners_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_2120324_270_LQ.jpg Golden_Greyhound_Awards_winners_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_FRH_7045.jpg Awards_2011_Ceska_greyhound_dostihova_federace_DSC06848-r.jpg
Update on 06th Apr 2012 - reportage - winners of the Golden Greyhound Awards 2011 more here

Greyhound "Oscars" 2011 in Prague - Hotel Esplanade Prague *****

Awards_2011_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_VIP_DSC06661.JPG Awards_2011_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_VIP_DSC06689.JPG Awards_2011_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_VIP_DSC06749.JPG Awards_2011_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_VIP_IMG_3483.JPG Golden_Awards_2011_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_Prague_DSC06794.jpg
VIP - czech artists & celebrities on the RED CARPET - Greyhound "Oscars" 2011 in Prague on the 24th March 2012 more here

Australian greyhound racing legend in Prague

Puppy_Big_Daddy_Cool_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_DSC07841.jpg Puppy_Big_Daddy_Cool_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_IMG_2026.jpg Puppy_Big_Daddy_Cool_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_DSC07314-v-1.jpg Puppy_Big_Daddy_Cool_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_DSC07930.jpg Big_Daddy_Cool_Pups_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_federation_DSC03256-v.jpg Puppy_Big_Daddy_Cool_Czech_Greyhound_Racing_Federation_IMG_2050.jpg
Offsprings of the legendary greyhound racer arrived to Prague - Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis and Vuitton more here


1.v-DSC00303_bar.JPG 2.v-DSC00380_kravaty.JPG 3.v-DSC00351_jizda.JPG 4.v-DSC00327.JPG 5.v-DSC00316_pripitek.JPG
Meeting of representatives of Greyhound Australasia & Czech Greyhound Racing Federation. Happy Birthday Mr. Russell... more here
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