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The Golden Greyhound - Design - elektronical vote

1st Liberated Greyhound Exhibition in Bohemia  - 7th season - this time a bit different

1st Liberated Greyhound Exhibition in the Czech Republic
Art Jury 2007
Art Jury 2010
Art Jury 2011
Prague, 18th of Jan 2013

The Golden Greyhound - Design - the most beautiful greyhound in the Czech Republic

Dear readers of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation webpages,
dear fans and suppoters of our racing greyhounds,

many of  you are aware of the fact that our 1st Liberated Greyhound Exhibition in Bohemia is an exhibition that is not limited by usual criterias of greyhound beauty.

It is well known that:
  • greyhounds that achive the highest number of points by the Art Jury are awarded with the title of the Golden Greyhound in the Design category,
  • greyhounds can be awarded in the Golden Sire, Golden Lady, Golden Puppy and Golden Senior categories,
  • the viewers vote for the TOP Design award

Change in the Golden Greyhound- Design award principles

Instead of voting by means of the art Jury, we decided to hand the voting over you - our kind readers.
It is up to you who will become the most beautiful greyhound of the season 2012.

Start of the electronical voting for the most beautiful greyhounds of the Czech Republic

The voting starts on: 28th of Jan 2013 at 12:00 hod.

How to vote for the most beautiful greyhounds of the Czech Republic?

Please have a look at the pictures of greyhounds below.
Update on 22nd of Feb 2013: As a result of the huge interest of public in electronical voting we decided to extend the voting categories.
Click on greyhounds that you like most in various categories - Golden Sire, Golden Lady, Golden Puppy,  Golden Senior and TOP DESIGN.

Each click on the below-mentioned pictures counts as a vote for a particular greyhound.
Greyhounds with the largest number of clicks will become winners in each category.

The voting will be finished on the 4th of March 2013 at 12:00 o'clock.

You can view particular greyhounds in photogalleries from the tests of racing technologies of the multipurpose sport stadium  Greyhound Park Motol or in photogalleries from the races, trials, exhibitions at the Czech Greyhound Race Track Praskacka.

Golden Greyhound - DESIGN - category Golden Sire

White_Elbony_Golden_Greyhound_Design_IMG_2560.JPG Mellison_Kewell_Golden_Greyhound_Design_CGDF_NQ1M0280.jpg Golden_Greyhound_Sjudraget_Dole_CGDF_NQ1M9948.JPG
Greyhound White Elbony
Greyhound Mellison Kewell
Greyhound Sjudraget Dole
Ramor_Kenzo_Golden_Greyhound_Design_CGDF_NQ1M0144.JPG Golden_Greyhound_Design_Half_a_Brandy_DSC_1015-v.jpg
Greyhound Lemon Moët
Greyhound Ramor Kenzo Greyhound Half a Brandy

Golden Greyhound - DESIGN - category Golden Lady

Zlaty_chrt_NewMac_Dior_Ceska_greyhound_dostihova_federace_DSC09471.JPG Galrea_Chanel_Golden_Greyhound_Design_CGDF_NQ1M0008.JPG
Greyhound Stormy Cassandra
Greyhound Newmac Dior
Greyhound Galrea Chanel
Golden_Greyhound_Design_Governors_ Posch_DSC_1699-v.jpg
Golden_Greyhound_Design_Leaders_ Eunova_DSC_1690-v.jpg
Greyhound Governors Posh
Greyhound Leaders Eunova
Art Jury 2011

Golden Greyhound - DESIGN - category Golden Puppy

Big_Daddy_Louis_Golden_Greyhound_CGDF_ NQ1M0245.JPG  
Greyhound Big Daddy Gucci
Greyhound Big Daddy Louis
Greyhound Queen Vuitton

Greyhound Cool Gabbana
Greyhound Cool Dolce
AU pups (Big Daddy Cool x Queen Smig)

Golden Greyhound - DESIGN - category Golden Senior

Andy_z_Menan_Golden_Greyhound_Design_CGDF_DSC05780.jpg Cato_Elbony_Golden_Greyhound_Design_NQ1M0176-v.JPG Cayenn_Elbony_Golden_Greyhound_Design_DSC05080.JPG
Greyhound Andy z Měňan Greyhound Cato Elbony Greyhound Cayenn Elbony
Greyhound Tickle Me Tiger
Greyhound Swift Cruise Greyhound Compass Danny

Golden Greyhound - DESIGN - category TOP DESIGN

GOLDEN GREYHOUND Greyhound Andy z Měňan Greyhound Big Daddy Gucci TOP DESIGN
Greyhound Big Daddy Louis Greyhound Cato Elbony Greyhound Cayenn Elbony Greyhound Compass Danny
Greyhound Cool Dolce Greyhound Cool Gabbana Greyhound Galrea Chanel Greyhound Governors Posh
Greyhound Half a Brandy Greyhound Lemon Moët Greyhound Leaders Eunova Greyhound Mellison Kewell
Greyhound Newmac Dior Greyhound Queen Vuitton Greyhound Ramor Kenzo Greyhound Sjudraget Dole
Greyhound Stormy Cassandra Greyhound Swift Cruise Greyhound Tickle Me Tiger Greyhound White Elbony

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