Greetings of the CGRF president

Dear participants and greyhound racing fans of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation,

I would like to, for the very first time, officially end the racing season 2010.

In spite of the fact we had such beautiful and noble opportunity to say good bye to eaxh other at the race day Mikulas Greyhound Race at the Praskacka Race Track,
all duties connected with organization of the racing day did not allow to express inner feelings.

I would like to underline the good work of each of you, the work that deserves respect and admiration. Perhaps only your family knows how much effort you put forth to preparations of your greyhounds

for racing at the race track, how much effort you put forth to care of the greyhounds at home bu also I must stress out your financial and personal sacrifices during the racing preparations and races itselves.
How much fuel, how many kilometers driven to the race track, how much time is it spent to the racing. We all know that one of us drives even from Austria - the man has been very much respected for his effort
and we wish he would have the will to continue with us also in next seasons.  

Each of your above-mentioned investments to our joined races, to the races of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation, created really something, something unique.

I have the honour to meet people - people from various social classes and professions - representatives of companies, artists, various clubs, moto-racers, builders etc. -
who praise the extraordinary level of our , rather exclusive, greyhound races.   

I'd like to help out the citation praises former CEO WGRF - Mr. Sean Collins (IE), genius and legend, a professional racing greyhounds (now in earned income),
 which has already been previously expressed in that sense, it is seen that exalt greyhound above.
Compliments belongs to us all.

For my part, and my dearest - our team members of the preparatory races - then I am happy to say that the years of work and effort that we spent producing races CGRF
and their implementation on the greyhound racing track Praskačka, sometimes "all without distinction", the first time with the current team we feel really good and even when all our work and truly incredibly fun.

I would even thank you for your willingness to change the terms of our horse racing calendar, when I exercised the promotion of greyhound racing in conjunction
Supersport racing with Racing - Greyhound Racing Moto Star team.
Many know that they changed the terms'm not happy, even in their difficult profession to its responsibilities in turf racing will stand, perhaps because very time I respect the other.
The friendliness and willingness to thank you all so much.

Let me express the pleasure from the fact that I could, as usual, except for racing greyhounds in common Praskacka, even in its civil profession given a new project, which should better serve the racing greyhounds and their owners, and who is not unprecedented in continental Europe - proposed new greyhound racing track in Prague.
That we can stand up to the dignity of the race track a wide range of developed countries, as with greyhound racing is concerned.

Again, I would like to express my satisfaction and gratitude to you all for you each of you contributed to the value of dignity, we have been entrusted with the ancestors - our racing greyhounds, šlechtěným millennium. I am glad that modern hunting nobility - the greyhound racing track - are carried out such people, which is a foreign word generosity.

I wish you all a merry and happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011, good luck, happiness and health.

I will be very glad when I meet with you once again for our social event Golden Greyhound, which is the highlight of the racing season 2010.

Zdenek Grondol
President of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation
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