Czech Greyhound Racing News 4/2010

Greetings of the CGRF president
Dear participants and greyhound racing fans of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation, I would like to, for the very first time, officially end the racing season 2010.
Mikuláš Greyhound Race
It was really spectacular show. Saturday 27th Nov 2010 was beautiful day at the greyhound race track Praskacka and it belonged to grehounds of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation, also to Mikulases, Santas, angels or devils.
Frantisek Ringo Cech portraited greyhounds
From the left: Wedding of Aldo & Krejzinka, Divorce of Aldo & Krejzinka, Golden Greyhound Grandmaster Cayenn - Always one lenght ahead
Frantisek Ringo Cech pictured Formula Greyhound Star Moto Racing Team
The picture will be shown at the traditional ceremonial greyhound "Oscars" Awards - Golden Greyhound 2010
Last greyhound race of the season - a preview
The organizators of the events are the members of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation (CGRF). Czech version only, please use a web translator
Racing Formula CGRF of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation
Greyhound races of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation, racing Formula CGRF - Golden Greyhound championship, greyhound "Oscars" & further details.
Greyhound Schooling Academy - Mount Cappucine´s Jamaica
Greyhound participant of the GREYHOUND SCHOOLING ACADEMY - Mount Cappucine´s Jamaica - absolute winner of the Fall Prix 2010 greyhound races - smiling all the time
Greyhound Schooling Academy
11/24/2010, CGRF
Mount Cappucine´s Jamaica - greyhound participant of the Greyhound Schooling Academy
- reportage from Fall Prix 2010 greyhound races
Mikulas Greyhound Race
11/22/2010, CGRF
Mikuláš Greyhound Race 2010. How will the last race serie end up? We will see if the weather permits.Everyone is looking forward to results of the Golden Greyhound championship and we can guess what greyhound will participate in the ceremonial awards - "greyhound Oscars" in Prague. Information and propositions
Greyhounds beated records at Praskacka
11/18/2010, CGRF
On the 13th of Nov 2010 greyhounds of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation trained at the Greyhound Race Track Praskacka. The weather was fine, sunshine, 18 dgrs of Celsius & calm warm wind. Greyhound track was fine and greyhounds beated their personal records both in final times and mean times! If the weather permits we could train till the end of the year.
Reportage from greyhound trial
Different greyhound races - Fall Prix
11/13/2010, CGRF
If you want to know what greyhound races and kite races have in common, please continue reading and have a look at the photogallery below.
You will see untraditional greyhound races performed by the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation. The autumn races were also interesting
because the racers were divided according to their color and also there wre kite races.
- Reportage - greyhound races
Mr. Jerry Desmond passed away
11/9/2010, CGRF
Sad news from the World Greyhound Racing Federation. Former WGRF president, CEO of the Irish Coursing Club, keeper of the Irish stud book, chairman of the Association of Irish Racecourses etc. passed away
Greyhounds & kites at the autumn greyhound race track Praskacka - preview
11/8/2010, CGRF
Preview of Fall Prix 2010 - greyhound races ofthe Czech Greyhound Racing Federation on the 6th of Nov 2010, both greyhounds and kites raced there. Reportage on greyhound races is coming soon.
Greyhound races FALL PRIX 2010 are coming soon
Greyhound races FALL PRIX 2010 organized by the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation are starting on the 6th of Nov 2010. PROPOSITIONS
Greyhound trial on 2010-10-23 at the Praskacka Greyhound Race Track
There was a greyhound training on the Greyhound Race Track Praskacka on the 23rd of October 2010. It was exceptionally sunny, hot weather everyone enjoyed windlessness morning - simply ideal conditions. Greyhounds also obviously liked the weather because they run really fast and some of them even cut their personal records.
Baptism of greyhound princess - MOUNT CAPPUCINE´S JAMAICA
10/26/2010, CGRF
Greyhound Race Track Praskacka experienced unusual greyhound races Punk-Rock
Greyhound Race 2010 on the 16th of October. The event was extraordinary both because of the clothes of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation stewards and because of the exceptionally kind oportunity - introducing a little greyhound noblewoman to the greyhound society in accordance with noble customs.
Ferrari team - GREYHOUND STAR MOTO RACING & the rock band ELÁN
10/7/2010, CGRF
On 21st Aug 2010 GREYHOUND STAR MOTO RACING Team started in the Slovakian Grand Prix 2010 at the new circuit SlovakiaRing. Our partner - the company of Slovak Intercargo, s.r.o. sponsored and invited us for the event.
Racing greyhound & racing Ferrari
Why does anybody purchase something impractical like a racing greyhound or a racing supersport Ferrari Enzo?
Sad news
10/6/2010, CGRF
With deep sympathy we have to announce that Dr. James Gannon - a veterinarian surgeon, considered the most knowledgeable greyhound veterinarian in the world, passed away. He will always live in our hearts!
Lets wait for the SLOVAK INTERCARGO CUP 2010 - greyhound races of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation at the greyhound race track Praskacka. We can see the legendary higwayman Juraj Janosik wo took from the rich and gave to the poor. You can see Juraj Janosik who donated his loot to poor country women Anci & Manci. We will find out why we cut the inch-tape, who was the winner in greyhound races and who was in jumping over the bonfire.
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