Greyhound Race Track Praskačka characteristics

The race track is operated by members of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation, WGRF member

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Czech Greyhound Race Track - Praskačka

It is the only greyhound racing track in the Czech Republic (in addition to, there are three grass in the Czech Republic), which has a sand body racecourse, which is best for the Greyhounds.
As the only greyhound racing track in the continental Europe. The United Greyhound Race Track - Praskacka has got extremely high standard technical equipment in each segment, which affects the process of the greyhound racing - all the elements together form a complex of a great technical conditions for the greyhound racing. This can be compared with professional racing tracks in countries where horse racing and greyhound racing is national tradition.

Note: it is only for greyhound owners to take care of other safety features. It maight be proper nutrition, training, greyhound welfare during transport, housing, preparation to start, etc. - the so-called Welfare,it is also required a piece of luck.
(In continental Europe - owner takes care of greyhound, owner is also the coach)

Greyhound race track Praskacka manage and operate the members of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation

The greyhound racing track is managed by members of the association called the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation (CGRF), which is the member of the World Greyhound Racing Federation (WGRF) - an association of countries in a professional racing sport.
The Greyhound Track Praskacka was repaired in early 2004.
Top philanthropist Mr. Zdenek "Greyhound" Grondol contributed to the greyhound racing in the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic each greyhound racing track and the greyhound association operate on the principle of the club. Not for commercial relationships.

The fee for starting in the race or in the training in the greyhound racing track Praskacka is only symbolic even in the case of member or non-members or guests of the CGRF.
Each participant in the race or training who pays the fee is subsidized by the CGRF.
The level of fees are often the same as or similar to the greyhound racing tracks in the area (and abroad), but the owner of the greyhound is using equipment and facilities that are very rare in the continental Europe.

The Greyhound racing track Praskacka has been managed by members of the Czech Federation greyhound racing since 2004, which operates on the principle of the club.

Greyhound race track Praskacka is acharitable act of Mr. Zdenek "Greyhound" Grondol

The volume of selected finance from feesin not enought for the rent of the stadium Praskacka or other operating costs and training Czech horse racing greyhound racing federation (water, electricity, diesel, gasoline, etc.).
It stays on all the usual trophy winners - cups, blankets, etc.
The difference between revenues and costs - a significant cost in all the above three items, and those from the beginning until now borne by the solidarity of its resources CGRF President - Zdenek "Greyhound" Grondol.
In the past, members of various communities operating in the racing track - Praskacka stacked on the rent, that the necessary equipment or equipment leased to the portable cell toilet.

Zdenek "Greyhound" Grondol refubrished  the greyhound racing track Praskacka and it is still subsidized by him. Many owners thinks that they needn't to pay the fee becase the attend trainings and races. In Central Europe is this type o thinking quite common.

Benefits for owners of greyhound in amateur continental Europe

Greyhound ownersomewhere else in the FCI or in the CGRC needn't topay the fee to "wear money to the race track",but the level of greyhound racing tracks Praskacka(and its associated costs) would not be sufficient fees for training or racing of greyhounds or Czech and surrounding areas together.
The owner of a greyhound, while fees for buy-in cash to travel,how-but it consumes much more,understand-use than they actually paid.
The cost of a high level of racing greyhounds in the Czech greyohund racing federation,which in other matters,some members CGRFsubsidized-not to mention.

The conditions for greyhounds and their owners throughout the Czech history has never been on this amount.

Greyhound Racing in Czech Republic:

About the czech race tracks and about the czech greyhound racing:

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