Starting boxes

Starting boxes - six holes - at the Greyhound Race Track Praskačka

Starting boxes parameters:

  • placed in: 300 m, na 525 a 740 m.
  • 6 holes,  rubber floor
  • each hole is placed far enough from an adjacent hole
  • space between holes is filled
Greyhound_Race_Track_Praskacka_Ceska_greyhound_dostihova_federace_DSC04365-luxusni_draha.jpg Greyhound_Race_Track_Praskacka_Ceska_greyhound_dostihova_federace_MVM_0311.jpg

Information for laics:

Starting boxes are places where greyhounds start their runs at the race track. The starting box pack consists of holes numbered from 1 to 6.  All holes are covered with joined grill from the front side and doors from the back side.

Greyhounds in the starting boxes need to have enough free space around them during the start after the grill raises up.

If the holes 1 – 6 are too close to each other it may cause problems to immediately after the start - greyhounds may interfere and that may cause collisions or even injuries.  

The place between holes are filled. Greyhounds try to run to the race track immediately and they dont want to wait till the start. They could use any possibility to run to the track which can be very dangerous of course.

The longer racing distances means that greyhounds pass the finish straight twice.

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