Race track body parameters

Race track body parameters - Greyhound Race Track Praskačka

Prague, 2011-12-16

Race track body of the Czech Greyhound Race Track Praskačka – technical parameters:

  • Sand body with dreinage system, surface - sand/clay
  • Pitch of bends  6 – 8%
  • Radius of bends – 42 & 43 m
  • Width of straights – 6 m,
  • width bends – 8 m
  • Track circumference – 440 m
  • Automatic race track irrigation

Experienced greyhound owners can appreciate the above-mentioned parameters, however we would also like to explain it to broad public:

Advantages of the sand body of the Race Track Praskacka

The sand body of the Race Track Praskacka reduces the slipperiness of the surface and thus it reduces possiblity of greyhound injuries (man could easily get injured on wet grass, it is evident that greyhounds would be endangered even more on such surface).

Greyhounds cannot rip out grass with their nails and consequently they dont break their legs (you risk such injuries anytime you let a greyhound run on some grassfield, park etc. no to mention what happens if he/she spots a rabbit, duck, cat etc.) on sand surface.
Construction and operation costs of a sand race track are very high.  

The structure of the sand body of the Greyhound Race Track Praskačka

The sand body consists of several layers of sand, dreinage material and drainage pipes..
The race track does not soak quickly and greyhounds are not endangered by puddles or inconsistent surface.

The Greyohund Race track Praskačka is the only race track, both in the Czech Republic and neighbouring foreign countries, that can offer significantly vertically-banked bends. Such bends are considered to be the best for running greyhounds.  

The surface also contains a small percentage of clay which makes the sand surface more compact. After proper watering and mechanical maintenance of the race track the surface is optimal for greyhound racing as it is both soft to absorb the dynamic inertia, when a leg touches the ground, and firm enough during the bounce. Dreinage layer helps to keep the race track consistent even during heavy rainfalls.

Bend parameters of the Greyhound Race Track Praskačka

The radius of bends was designed with respect to greyhound welfare - to reduce centrifugal force when running in a bend.
Vertically banked bends help to compensate the centrifugal force - the more banked bends, the more easily greyhounds can run. It also reduces the possibilty of accidents. (even if any fall would happen, one would not by flinged to the fence).
The angle of bend pitch gradually increases until it reaches the maximum and decreases as it continues in the straight. Bends at Praskacka have been carefully constructed, it is not just raised surface.  

Other parameters of the Greyhound Race Track Praskačka

The width of bends and straights were designed with respect to greyhound welfare.

The length of the race circuit is 440 m. Positions of the starting boxes determine the racing distances of our races.

Also outer fencing of the race track plays significant role in greyhound welfare - see the following links.

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