Lure system

Lure at the Greyhound Race Track Praskačka

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  • Inner lure rail
  • The inner lure is installed at the inner side of the race track body, i.e. "infinite lure"
  • The lure is driven by a cableway haul line placed in the inner fencing of the race track
  • Extended staff carrying the bait - enables wider spread of racing dogs, eliminates crowding.

Information for laics:

Most of the Continental Europe race tracks (except one exception) use inner hare while the UK and Ireland use the outer lure. Greyhounds expect to see the lure either from one or from the other side.
It could be dangerous (without foregoing trial) to put a greyhound from i.e. Ireland with a greyhound from the Czech republic in one raceas they could cross each other´s way. Such crossing could cause serious consequences.  

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