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Golden Greyhound - Grandmaster
greyhound Cayenn Elbony
Prague, 29th Nov 2010

There is only one word that can describe the competition of the Golden Greyhound of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation – intensity.

Thirteen greyhounds qualified to the serie of fifteen races of the Formula CGRF (Czech Greyhound Racing Federation). four greyhounds did not finish the qualification to races. One young greyhound is a participant of the Greyhound Schooling Academy.
Many racing greyhounds, that did not complete the racing registrations properly, could not be accepted for racing, some of their owners tried to avoid the registration procedure.

Racing greyhounds gain points each race for the whole racing season, equally to Formula 1. Analogous to the Formula 1, currently there are 12 racing teams (used to be 10) and the registered teams cannot exchange the entered pilots. Any racing team, that would like to join F1 in the middle of the racing season, simply has to wait till the next season, then fulfill registration and qualification conditions. This holds good for the Formula CGRF too.   

The Czech Greyhound Track Praskačka houses races of renowned greyhounds. Many parents of these racing pilots are champions of irish or australian professional race tracks or the pilots are offsprings of famous swedish or belgian racers. One cannot find such number of greyhound full bloods in one meeting anywhere else in the Czech Republic.

The secret of  Formula 1 races is not only in the pilot´s skills but also in car mechanics or racing team strategists´ abilities. Also the final results of greyhounds in Formula CGRF races - The Golden Greyhound championship - are influenced by even the slightest hesitation of a greyhound trainer or a greyhound itself. An example can be a small health indisposition caused by e.g. a scratch on the footpad. Such indisposition must be reviewed by the veterinary supervisor before the CGRF races and even slightly injured greyhound is not accepted to the race.
Such circumstances can influence the final position of the championship as absence from even one race can change the results completely.

Of course that is also a reason, for the greyhound owners, to treasure and watch over greyhounds and to find enough free time and financial resources.

In the Golden Greyhound championship the racing champions can be awarded for:  The Golden Greyhound - Winner - awarded in the first year in a particular distance, The Golden Greyhound - Master awarded in the second year in the same distance as in the previous year and the Golden Greyhound - Grandmaster - awarded in the third year in the same distance as in the two previous years.
Of course each title of the Golden Greyhound is an honour for a particular greyhound kennel, we can say it is a greyhound "F1 World Constructors´ Championship".


So far it has not been possible to organize any of the racing series of the Golden Greyhound Championship anywhere else than at the Greyhound Race Track Praskacka. Unfortunatelly it is the only greyhound race track in the amateur Continental Europe that can host the Golden Greyhound championship as no other amateur race track here meets technical parameters of the race track body, race track equipment and machinery necessary for the championship. The Greyhound Track Praskacka can be the peer of professional grayhound race tracks.

In the Continental Europe it is impossible for greyhound owners, who registered their greyhounds for the racing season properly, to travel around the World to take part in races at various race tracks to pass every serie of the Formula CGRF as it is done in the Formula 1 championship.
There is no reason to travel somewhere else because the best for both greyhounds and their owners in the Czech Republic.

Nevertheless there is a chance that the next year of the Golden Greyhound championship can take part in other race ciruit than the Greyhound Race Track Praskacka.  

There is a new stadium, situated in Prague, under construction. The Stadium will not differ from technical parameters of any professional race track of countries associated in the World Greyhound Racing Federation.  

Greyhound champions in the photogallery below:

  • photo no. 1: The Golden Greyhound - Grandmaster greyhound Cayenn Elbony with Jan Preucil & Eva Hruskova
  • photo no. 2: The Golden Greyhound - Master greyhound Cayenn Elbony with Zuzana Jandova
  • photo no. 3: The Golden Greyhound - Master greyhound White Elbony with Jadran Setlik
  • photo no. 4: The Golden Greyhound - Winner greyhound White Elbony with Jan Preucil
  • photo no. 5:  The Golden Greyhound - Winner greyhound Sjudraget Lijane with Petr Novotny
  • photo no. 6: The Golden Greyhounds Cayenn & White Elbony with two gold-haired Miss

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