Czech Greyhound Racing News 2/2011

Greyhounds compete the Formula 1
If you have ever experienced greyhound races you would understand why greyhounds are compared to F1 pilots. Greyhound racers gain points for their racing achievements like pilots of the F1 racing cars. A racing greyhound that gains most points becomes the winner of the Golden Greyhound championship of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation. Scan of an article - Právo daily newspapers
Greyhound races Grand Prix 2011 - reportage
Racing greyhounds and Ferrari FXX Exclusive and beautiful Pit Girls
What is common for Ferrari, beautiful girls in costumes from famous races of heavy machinery and racing greyhounds? The common denominator of these three attributes were greyhound racing Grand Prix, in which the program was also the unveiling of the Ferrari FXX Exclusive single in the country, which took place on May 21, 2011 at greyhound race track Praskačka.
Ferrari FXX Exclusive - specifications
Your dream becomes reality with the Ferrari FXX Exclusive. With its aerodynamic spoilers and side skirts the Ferrari FXX Exclusive is an impressive presence on any circuit. You can experience the truly impressive acceleration in this super manoeuvrable, super fast Ferrari FXX Racer.
Ferrari FXX Exclusive revealed
Unique super go-kart revealed at Greyhound race Grand Prix 2011
The super go-kart Ferrari FXX Exclusive, the only one in
the Czech Republic revealed at the Grand Prix 2011 greyhound races at the greyhound racing circuit Praskacka.
The Ferrari FXX, like a running greyhound, can speed up to 60kmph..
Ferrari FXX at greyhound races
Ferrari FXX Exclusive revealed during greyhound races at the Czech Greyhound Race Track Praskacka. Reportage from the ceremonial is coming soon
Greyhound races APRIL CUP 2011
Greyhound races, easter decorations, easter eggs, easter hen, witches, May pole. What do they have in common? Spring celebration at the Greyhound Race Track Praskacka
Greyhounds supported Kangaroo - childs charity
Charity night organized by the Our Child foundation. Two members of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation supported children from the Kangaroo charity
Adonis & Venus & greyhound Lemon Moët
Artists always portraited Venuses as symbols of beauty and womanhood. The magazine Story portraited 13 czech celebrities and 1 greyhound celebrity - a holder of the racing title the Golden Greyhound of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation - Lemon Moët together with czech famous musician Vaclav Noid Barta and Czech Miss 2008 Eliska Buckova
Greyhound races GRAND PRIX 2011 - announcement
Greyhound races GRAND PRIX 2011 are starting on 21st of May 2011. Racing propositions will be available soon
Greyhound races APRIL CUP 2011
We celebrated many spring feasts at the Greyhound Race Track Praskacka on the 30th of April 2011. Pretty bunnies, pursy chicken that layed golden eggs etc. How did greyhounds, from the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation, celebrated the spring? Reportage from the April Cup 2011 is coming soon
Third Trial Racing 2011
Greyhound races THIRD TRIAL RACING 2011 are starting on 23rd Apr 2011 from 12:00
Sport stadium Prague Motol
Once we promised to the St. Francis that greyhounds and sportsmen will have their new stadium in Prague.
Second Dual Racing 2011
Chrtí dostihy Second Dual Racing na závodní dráze Praskačka dne 09.04.2011
First Solo Racing 2011
First race of the season 2011 at the greyhound race track Praskacka
New sand surface at Praskacka
Greyhound race track Praskacka got a new sand surface. How do greyhounds of the Czech Greyhound Racing Federation like it?
The Golden Greyhound in australian National Greyhound Form
A new article about czech racing and the Golden Greyhound 2010 Awards by Peter Pearson - famous australian newspaper National Greyhound Form. Scan of the whole article can be found in the photogallery
1st timed trial in the new racing season
Greyhound trial on 26th of March - Praskacka didn't let us down - as always. The sun was shining all the time despite the bad weather forecast. It started raining by the time we left. Perfectly prepared race track, perfect finish times (with respect to the winter break) - that was the first timed trial at the greyhound race track Praskacka.
The Grandmaster will receive the grant worth of 100 000 CzK
Greyhound White Elbony will be awarded with the title of the Golden Greyhound - Grandmaster of the racing championship. White will receive a cheque worth of 100 000 CzK at the ceremonial awards - so called greyhound "Oscars". Will he keep the prize money fro himself? Or will he donate the prize for charity purposes as his predecessor did (the very first Grandmaster Cayenn Elbony)?
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